Wednesday, January 18, 2012

 Chapter 4. Antichrist is at hand: let us therefore avoid Jewish errors.

It therefore behooves us, who inquire much concerning events at hand, to search diligently into those things which are able to save us. Let us then utterly flee from all the works of iniquity, lest these should take hold of us; and let us hate the error of the present time, that we may set our love on the world to come: let us not give loose reins to our soul, that it should have power to run with sinners and the wicked, lest we become like them.   The final stumbling-block (or source of danger) approaches.     

We take earnest heed in these last days; for the whole [past] time of your faith will profit you nothing, unless now in this wicked time we also withstand coming sources of danger, as becomes the sons of God. That the antichrist may find no means of entrance, let us flee from every vanity, let us utterly hate the works of the way of wickedness.

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